'Everyone has the seeds of greatness in them that they can nourish and grow given the right support'

Why Coaching?

Life Coaching is a one-to-one process usually involving a series of sessions to support you achieving your life goals. Sessions are tailored to your specific needs and the number of sessions depends on you, but it's usual to start with an initial six-month period. During your sessions you receive insight for example, what gets in your way or how you sabotage yourself, and then tools and resources from me to help you move forward. With my help you work in a structured approach towards fulfilling your aims. We also stay in touch with regular emails keeping you on track as well as to feedback about your progress so I can prepare and plan for our next session.

'Feels like everything is falling into place, and I'm so massively grateful for your help and support in making this happen.' (Rowan, landscape artist, Devon)

Life Coaching is a way of expanding your life so you get the most out of it, fulfilling your potential and making things happen where you’ve previously felt stuck. The coaching journey helps you explore what it means to love and believe in yourself so you can be, do and have what you most desire in life. It helps you become the best possible you.

'I found Katheryn through the Reconnect magazine and I was immediately drawn to her. I have found Katheryn very supportive and positive towards me and my situation. I started out quite confused and unsure and since working with her I've felt that change and I'm certainly calmer and finding my empowerment. It's amazing what she does and how it all correlates with what is actually going on at the time, it's like peeling an onion layer, there is more work that comes up and it's clears it out and you're able to move on. I highly recommend Katheryn she is a wonderful warm person who listens and gives out positive energy. I will continue to work with her.' (Nicola, Business woman, Plymouth)

Initial sessions are two hours to create the foundation of your coaching aims and after that session lasts for approximately one hour to one and half carried out in person, by Skype or on the phone. You spend time with the techniques you've learned and have fun and play with them before your next session. I say 'play' because the process needs to be light to work and the more fun you have the more things will begin to happen for you. Many find the process so beneficial they continue to have 'top-up' sessions even after they have successfully achieved their aims, especially if they have something important coming up like an interview, a conference or there is something they are nervous about. You also have access to an entire collection of resources and cheat sheets I have created to help you shift into your new life, plus reading lists and exercises to facilitate your progress. All sessions are in strict confidence and I abide by the IICT regulations.

Kickstart Package

For those who quite simply want a kick-start who are perhaps working on a new project , need clarity on starting something up or need that 'kick up the bum' to get going, I offer a special Kickstart package that consists of:
1. Start-up questionnaire for you to complete so you get clear and I begin to get to know you and your goals.
2. First Powerful Session - this lasts for 2 hours and you will build confidence and momentum, clear blocks nd create a plan of action using a combination of Life Coaching and Resonance Repatterning.
3. This is followed by further email/phone contact to keep you on track
4. A Cheat Sheet of powerful techniques and resources to use at home during and after your Kickstart package.
5. A final Integrating session of the same length around 2-3 weeks later.   Investment: £222.

What next?
Please contact me for a chat and to see if we are a fit and you would like coaching with me.   Coaching is extremely effective via the phone or Skype. Every session is tailored specifically to your needs.