Wake Up & Win the Day

An Intensive 1:1 coaching program with Katheryn Hope
A personal daily routine to transform your life
This coaching intensive supports you to create the best possible daily rituals for you so you are creating the life you love, practicing the law of attraction every day and laying down new neural pathways that reinforce the life you wish to lead.
You will come away with an exceptionally powerful daily routine that fits your lifestyle and makes lasting change that leads to you manifesting your dreams.
What you get:
Firstly we schedule a one hour session by phone or Zoom completing an in-depth questionnaire to clarify exactly what your goals are, what changes you want to make, how you want to feel and what you want to manifest.
From this I identify your needs and design the best possible daily routine for you to make the changes you desire and create the life you yearn for.  With the details we discuss together, I can work around your preferences and those things you do easily or not, to design a daily routine exclusively for you.
Approximately one week later we schedule a 1:1 coaching session that last 1.5 hours to go over exactly how your powerful daily routine will look like and what you need to create it. This session is usually carried out via Zoom or Skype so it can be recorded and you can go back and review what we have covered in your own time.
As part of this significant session you will receive links to free apps to use, meditations and tips and techniques to support you.
Are you ready?

This session is for you if you are ready to make changes and have the determination to take action. It is not for you if you put things off, procrastinate or still have a self-saboteur lurking in the background. Then I would suggest you book Resonance Repatterning to transform these patterns first. However, if you are now willing to do what it takes to reach your goals and need a clear set of guidelines and the steps that are going to help you reach your destination, this intensive session is made for you. I look forward to connecting with you and making extraordinary things happen.
Your investment:
This special intensive is an investment of just £347 to transform your life.
Book now to transform your life by making each day count
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