Special Resonance Repatterning Offer

Book Five sessions and receive your sixth session less than half price!

Why not set yourself up for an amazing year by booking ahead for a series of Resonance Repatterning sessions.
Each session will build on the preceding one to remove self-sabotaging beliefs, patterns that you have taken on from your family, negative thought patterns, doubt and anxiety, lack of self-confidence or self-belief. Invest in you and take quantum action to resonate at a level where you attract to you all the things you would like your life to be. Be brave enough to have a new vision of yourself and make it happen.

“Katheryn combines her wealth of wisdom and colourful 'tool kit' of techniques to provide an experience of tangible healing and powerful coaching. I have enjoyed just three sessions with her, and each time my personal process and confidence in my self and my own coaching practice has been vastly accelerated. I HIGHLY recommended her to you. Thank you, dear Katheryn!” (Louise Webb, Life Coach, Devon)

The sessions may be booked weekly, fortnightly upto a maximum of six months so one per month.
Special Offer: £595