What Clients say......

Katheryn is a very gifted and intuitive therapist and I highly recommend her sessions
The Resonance Repatterning sessions I’ve had with Katheryn have been very supportive and helpful and have formed a key part of what has helped me navigate my way through some challenging times over the last few years. It’s fascinating to see what comes up in the sessions and it’s always so apt in terms of what is going on in my life at the time. Most importantly I’ve seen many real changes in terms of my situation and relationships after the sessions with Katheryn and it makes perfect sense that this is a direct result of our work together. (Astrologer and writer, Dorset)

Everybody always comes out of a session saying ‘Wow that was amazing!’
It’s always the right question, always covers what’s needed. Katheryn has a lot of empathy, is a good listener, helps them get into the issue, and leaves space so people can open up. She is able to get people to get clear in what they really need/want to work on and helps navigate for them. Katheryn is very experienced and has natural healing ability and helps clients move forward when in a place of uncertainty and to feel confident. She helps them to get centred and focused. (Holly Mullin, Detox Retreat Director, Devon)
I felt drawn to Katheryn the moment I met her, not just as a coach but also as a person
Katheryn initially shared her expertise in a one-on-one session by showcasing her resonance repatterning technique, which combined with her intuitive approach was a powerful experience. Her structured questioning helped me uncover what was at the heart of my beliefs and the technique helped me to release any blockages without me having to 'work' at it. Since then I have been to one of Katheryn's workshop and I also invited her to share her work in a coaching group I run. Katheryn is very experienced at leading group resonance repatterning sessions, which is no easy feat, and both experiences gave me quality insights which helped me to let go and move on. (Ann Skinner, 'Coach to Contribute')

Katheryn is a delightful, caring and knowledgeable coach 
I had a Resonance Repatterning session with her in October 2017 as I wanted help with abundance issues. The session was amazing. She helped me identify something that was holding me back that I would have NEVER figured out on my own. She picked up on my sense of vitality and excellent health and said that on some level I feel guilty about it when I see other people my age (70) who are not doing so well. Having the abundance I desire would mean I would be even more active and alive with more opportunities opening up for adventure and that my guilt was a part of what was keeping me stuck. I have already seen a shift in several areas since my session with Katheryn. She definitely gets a 5-star rating from me. (Gwynne Curry, North Carolina)

Katheryn can lead you to a more inspired outlook on life joyfully and gratefully
Katheryn Hope is a woman who walks the beauty path, calmly and lovingly sharing her wisdom as she goes. Her work marries poetry and realism, she is able to connect you with the infinite, but then show you how to practically apply this higher mind to everyday life. Katheryn is gifted therapist and workshop leader. (Julia Brightwell, Biodanza Practice, Devon)

What magic you have wrought!                                                                                           
We can now lean into the wind and know we cannot fall. I feel…Delight! Whole again. We know it is safe to explore and have adventures, and come home for bonding, love and trust. Thank you. (Therapist, Lincoln)
Katheryn has given me the gift of believing that I can achieve anything in my life
I’m leaving behind old limitations and belief patterns and reaching for the stars! (Teacher, Devon)
Katheryn Hope is a unique therapist and brings experience, wisdom and insight to her sessions                                                                                                                           
Katheryn has the ability to put people at ease. Clients feel comfortable; she can put herself in their shoes. She has good empathy skills and a unique ability to receive intuitive guidance. She has good insight and clarity and helps them get to the bottom of an issue. (Self-employed, Devon)